Beginners Guide to Managing Small Business Finances

This course will launch and go live on Monday 19th April 2021. You can purchase now at the Early Bird rate of just £19!

This course is aimed at new startup and small home based business owners and provides tips, advice and information on how to manage your finances right from the start of your new business adventure including: 

⭐️ registering with your local tax authority
⭐️ setting up a bank account
⭐️ accepting online and card payments
⭐️ keeping track of your income & expenditure 
⭐️ spreadsheets v accounting software 
⭐️ submitting your tax return 
⭐️ when do you need an accountant
⭐️ downloadable templates and documents for your personal use

Although predominantly aimed at the UK small business owner, the principles can also be applied to any start-up / small business wherever you may be located.

7 Lessons

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7 Lessons in Beginners Guide to Managing Small Business Finances:


The Beginners Guide to Managing Small Business Finances...

Registering with your local tax authority

Things to consider when registering your business...

Bank accounts and payments

Bank accounts, payments and invoicing...

Income and expenditure

Keeping track of your income and expenses

Accounting Software

Choosing and using an accounting software package...

Hiring an accountant

When you might need to hire an accountant...

Further reading

Further reading and useful online resources...